MDA Newsletter - End of March 2018

The quarter ending March 2018 was a bumpy one for investors, markets gyrated and we saw the return of volatility which has been missing for some time.

With volatility come opportunities, so although overall performance of the portfolio was below our target, it did give us the chance to invest some of the overweight cash position we have had for some time. As asset values fell, we bought in at the lower prices.

We also made changes to our international equity managers, replacing our emerging markets manager and reducing our weight to our index manager. In volatile markets our belief is that active portfolio management will give a better chance of performing better.

For more insight into the reasons, risks and rewards of a diversified portfolio, click the link below to read a report from AMP capital.

The risks and rewards of owning both shares and bonds - AMP Capital

And for an update on the performance and asset allocation, please click below on the factsheets.

Defensive Factsheet

Balanced Factsheet

High Growth Factsheet

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