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Are your finances confusing you?

Don't have anyone to discuss finances with?

Want to make your money work for you?

Let's Get Control of Your Finances

Step One

Being on this Page

The fact you are on this page is the first step of getting control of your finances is an awesome accomplishment.

High five to you!

Step two

Discover Your Goals

No one is born understanding finances. Most financially savy people have been taught and educated for years. So we understand that you may not know what you need when it comes to your finances.  And that's why we are here... we have done all the hard learning so you don't have to. We are here to help and share that with you.

Before speaking to anyone about your finances we think it's important to... ask yourself:

Want the answers?

Step Three

Book a Call

Speaking to us is the best step in getting control of your finances and hearing how we can help you.

In our discovery call, we want to hear what's important to you and where you want your financial position to be. We will let you know how we can help and at the end of the call, we will both know if we are the right fit. 

It's important to us that you feel:

Ready to outsource your money stress?

Step four

Get Financial Advice That Works

If you are happy with what you discover on your call and choose to partner with us, you are supported at every step.

We explain the financial world in easy to understand language. Reduce your financial overwhelm and discover what financial confidence feels like.

We take a deep dive into your current financial position. We take your factual information and future goals and propose a plan to help you achieve them. You will be provided a quote for our services that will give you:

how it works ⃕

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1. Your Current Stats

We ask you to provide a breakdown of your income, financial assets and liabilties

2. Your Financial Goals

We take a look at where you are currently at and look at what you want to achieve and by when.

3. Quote and Approval

We take all this information and propose a plan and quote for our financial advice.

Step Five

Your Approval

After you have provided us with the documentation we need including approval of the quote. We give you a Statement of Advice, this is our formal advice to you in writing, This document has all details of our recommendations and projections.

Once signed off, you become a valued Valley Mayfair client and we organise what we have agreed on.

Then each year we sit down to review your situation, investments and goals and adjust as required.


What you get...

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