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7 Ways To Work Smarter

Work Smarter, Not Harder right? We have all heard it but how can we actually do it?

Business Advice
Business Advice

Work Smarter, Not Harder right? We have all heard it but how can we actually do it?


Well, there are many ways but most importantly they need to work for you. Not every suggestion is going to work for your business or for your team. Below are just seven ways that you could try, see if they work for you and implement them into your daily work routine.

1. Write a short to-do list

Keep your to-do list short and focus on two to four important tasks for the day, tasks that, once completed, will make you feel highly productive. Focus on these tasks one at a time before moving on to less important tasks.

2. Block out your calendar

Block off your calendar when you need to focus on work. This will give you the time to get your work accomplished while ensuring your day is free from distractions.

3. Work in 90- to 120-minute blocks

Research has shown that your brain is best able to focus for 90 minutes at a time. Consider dividing your day into 90-minute or two-hour segments. This will help you maximize your brain’s natural ability to focus and improve your productivity.  It’s a good idea to close your email and turn off notifications on your phone, this will help these blocks be even more productive.

4. Focus on one task at a time

Resist the impulse to multi-task and, instead, focus all of your attention on one task until it’s complete or you’re ready to move on for the time.

5. Outsource

My favourite way to work smarter – Outsource what you can. It’s so easy these days and cost-effective. Some quick jobs to outsource:

Administrative tasks

Repetitive tasks

Specialist tasks (like SEO or Bookkeeping)

6. Learn to say No

We all like to please, so you’re probably doing things for others that you simply don’t have time for. Learn to say no, and save yourself time that you can gear towards something really important to you and your business.

7. Take regular breaks

No need to really explain this one right? Breaks give us the time to recharge and re-energise. Go for a walk, read a book, look out the window, anything to focus on anything but your work or task at hand.

We want to increase your profits and get you working less hours.

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