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31 Mar 2020


Unfortunately, I’ve had a few clients call or email me this week telling me they have been made redundant. The same has happened to a few family members and friends of mine. No doubt job security is on everyone’s mind dur...

30 Mar 2020

Many have been asking if their personal insurance such as Income Protection, TPD and Life cover will be honoured due to Coronavirus. Michael van Loenen provides a quick update


26 Mar 2020

If you are concerned about cashflow for your family or business, now is the time to act!

All the banks are ready to help. They can offer all types of assistance to help those that have been affected by Covid-19. As you can see from the picture below, every major ba...

A quick video from Michael van Loenen about the markets reaction to Coronavirus.

As a typical 40 year old I used to watch cartoons like the Jetsons when I was a kid. Flying cars were the norm for the Jetsons and everyone used to believe that when we are adults we too would have flying cars. It's now 2020, which is certainly the future and flying ca...

22 Oct 2019

In our last newsletter we discussed record low interest rates. Well, the RBA has again decreased to 0.75%. Where were we 10 years ago...3.25% and this was right after the GFC. Clearly as we have had no-recent economic shocks such low interest rates are quite possibly h...

22 Jul 2019

We are all aware by now that the RBA has decreased the official cash rate to a historic low of 1%. As you can see from the chart above, the cash rate has never been lower.

Most of the banks have passed this cut on and you may have noticed your mortgage repayments are n...

2 Jul 2019